Lee and Twain both use the word nigger quite a lot for very good reason.

It's a reminder that people use words like that to demean and harm other people and as a justification for their racism and violence.

(probably mostly Co., though Rassilon most likely took all of the credit) created Looms.

(Plus, when you're a hivemind that can barely call itself a species, building your own bodies sounds like a pretty good idea.)Looms basically work by weaving together a body from genetic material.

Here's a funny thing: We can have more than one book about racism.

Back in the days before Rassilon, Gallifrey was ruled by a matriarchy led by the Pythia, a group of female Gallifreyans that possessed incredible psychic powers and the power of precognition/premonition.Nyarlathotep, and Faction Paradox are canon for my muse.Eight's Big Finish audios are also canon for him in a flash-sideways (read: alternate timeline) fashion. They run out of shit to get offended by, so they just make shit up.Its also why you can't beat them in an argument, they are so fucking irrational that your logic just flows around their unadulterated bullshit.?

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