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The dating-life makeover could mean anything from cleaning up your Facebook profile to fixing up your apartment.

Silverman also coaches clients on what to talk about, what to wear, and where to go on dates. Silverman spends many professional hours in front of the computer working on online content management, SEO, and social media.

Jon Hage heads the for-profit charter school management company, Charter Schools USA (CSUSA), based in Fort Lauderdale.

The company operates 58 schools in seven states across the country, including Florida. The number of microbreweries in South Florida could triple by the end of 2015. Brewers know South Floridians have a taste for it and they’re excited to bring their flavorful suds to underserved local customers.

The store you probably spend the most time in isn’t a boutique or a department store.

I’ll bet, over the course of a year, it’s the supermarket.

He describes today's coaching marketplace as "the wild, wild West." Echavarria says, "Very few of them actually go and get certifications and learn, and build a methodology, and understand and implement that methodology." Right now, 20 percent of his business comes from executive coaching.

The group grew so popular, participants started telling Silverman he could turn it into a business, and he did. He moved to Weston from California and had to grow a new social network. Miami Dating offers packages for men and women that run anywhere from 0 for phone sessions to ,000 for matchmaking services and an extensive dating-life makeover.Folks who are technically exceptional but who may have a ways to go as a manager or a leader.Says Echavarria: "What happens in the hard skills become the soft skills and the soft skills become the really hard skills." Employees with exceptional technical skill may not know how to lead a team, for instance. " But the explosion of coaching as a new income stream makes sense.But after Tequesta Brewing Company's first colleague, Due South Brewing Company, opened that summer, more have bubbled up all over.And the newness of this industry partly contributes to the difficulties brewers face when trying to open their businesses -- local and state laws prohibit even beer tastings at storesmake even beer tastings difficult.

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