Www dating point blind dating plot summary

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I have also done a considerable amount of research on the dates of labels used on blankets made by many mills like Early's of Witney, Pendleton and Jacob's of Oregon, as well as for blankets marketed by retailers other than HBC, like the T. In my second book The Collector's Guide to Point Blankets there is an extensive section on labels and their approximate dates.I’ve been on and off this app more times than I can count and it’s exhausting.Most of the time, guys are only collecting matches and will neither initiate or respond to your messages.I have yet to confirm the rumour, apparently circulated on the Antiques Road Show, that certain point blankets are worth tens of thousands of dollars.Part of the fun of collecting point blankets is that most antique and second hand dealers don't know what they have and the astute collector armed with solid information can find particularly old or unusual point blankets at a "steal".

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