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Well, I hope there’s still a lot more to come, but media always throws up surprises.Working across and with several different news desks and editors has taught me a lot.However, many independent news websites have still to make money.It’s this last point which, in my opinion, is holding back newspaper editors from investing in serious online facilities that compliment newspapers. Editors are unlikely to invest until advertisers come on board online, but advertisers are unlikely to put up the money when online editions are amateur.It was suggested that I apply for the editorship of UCD’s bi-weekly, the University Observer newspaper, and I became a co-editor there.There were long hours, sleeping on student room floors in between copy deadlines and the pay was miserable.In the following year, I freelanced as well as continuing my work with INN.

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What have been the highlights of your career so far?IPRedirect.init({"use_logo":true,"use_logo_home":true,"logo_width":"220","main_linklist":"main-menu","dropdown_column_links":"15","logo_top_padding":"0","menu_top_padding":"4","content_top_padding":"20","promo_text":"\u003c B\u003e USA STORE: $USD - ENJOY COMPLIMENTARY SHIPPING IN THE U. CEO and founder, Ciara was a guest speaker at the Pw C Cork annual women in business networking lunch on May 15th.In early 2004 I took up work full-time with the Irish Examiner in its Dublin offices, as a general reporter.During the period with the paper, I have had the opportunity to travel and write from Uganda, the Congo, Kenya, Ghana, Gaza and Israel, Afghanistan, Haiti and most recently Iraq and Jordan.

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    Participants gain part-time work experience in non-profit and government agencies and are paid the highest of state or local minimum wages.

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