Wpf usercontrol dependency property not updating

The new value is passed in the Event Args, the object on which the value changed is passed as the source.

The coerce callback allows you to adjust the value if its outside the boundaries without throwing an exception.

A good example is a progress bar with a Value set below the Minimum or above the Maximum.

In this case we can coerce the value within the allowed boundaries.

When you set a value of a dependency property it is not stored in a field of your object, but in a dictionary of keys and values provided by the base class Every time you access a dependency property, it internally resolves the value by following the precedence from high to low. The key of an entry is the key defined with the dependency property. NET property wrapper, it internally calls to access the value.

It checks if a local value is available, if not if a custom style trigger is active,... This method resolves the value by using a value resolution strategy that is explained in detail below.

/// </summary> private static void On My Dependency Property Changed(Dependency Object d, Dependency Property Changed Event Args e) /// <summary> /// Provides derived classes an opportunity to handle changes /// to the My Dependency Property property.

It has a property called Filter Definition which gets or sets the filter as an XML string.

Filter Definition makes it possible to persist the filter settings between runs of the application; however it’s not a dependency property that can be easily bound to in XAML.

In the following example we limit the time to be in the past. Is does not make sense to provide a setter for this value.

Maybe you ask yourself, why not just use a normal . One important reason is that you cannot set triggers on normal . Creating a read only property is similar to creating a regular Dependency Property. This key should be stored in a private or protected static readonly field of your class.

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