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“I am finding myself so bored because I just don’t know anyone here,” the 30-something single woman wrote.“I’m just at a loss for how to find a social circle.” Lindsay appealed to the internet for help brainstorming the best places to meet people, and she got some decent answers before the conversation devolved into an argument about how friendly or unfriendly Pittsburgh is to outsiders.Pittsburgh is the second largest city in Pennsylvania, so singles could use all the help they can get navigating this bustling metropolitan area.You can sign up for any of the following dating sites for free to check out your options and see if online dating is the solution for you.There are classes on sushi making, Egyyptian history, architecture, plus wine tasting, line dancing, and flower arranging. Rochester, Minnesota has 125 Live, which has a big lap pool, teaching kitchen, gym, and pottery studio.Speed dating and wine tastings are popular at other new centers.

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The simple search and matching tools put you in contact with tons of people you may never have met otherwise.

We lobbied, unsuccessfully, to build a “Community”, rather than a “Senior” Center.

The Community Center would have had all the facilities and resources that aging boomers want and need.

Moving to a new city should be an exciting time of your life — new places to go, new people to meet — but not everyone finds their footing right away. moved from Baton Rouge to Pittsburgh in 2012 and posted on Yelp that she was having trouble meeting people.

Apart from a weekly poker night at a bar, she hadn’t found many social opportunities in town.

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