Who is sarah hicks dating

Last week, Trump tweeted that Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is a “lightweight” who would “come begging” at his office for campaign money, “(and would do anything for them).” It’s not hard to recognize the tweet’s misogynistic innuendo, especially when you consider that Trump said it.Still, Sanders dismissed the obvious sexual undertones.Valuing public service above your personal life is nothing new.But it’s ironic and disgusting coming from this man and this administration.The disturbing part is not that Hicks prioritized protecting her boyfriend over the president.It’s that she prioritized protecting an accused abuser.

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Sanders and Hicks both, in their separate and opposite roles, fulfill one of the core tenets of the Trump Administration: protect accused abusers at all costs.She put herself in the middle of the story to aid a man accused—with overwhelming evidence—of domestic violence.Trump, always looking for someone to blame, blamed Hicks.Responding to accusations of domestic abuse by two former wives of now-former Staff Secretary Rob Porter, Sanders could only say “the president supports victims of domestic violence and believes everyone should be treated fairly and with due process.” Those eighteen words communicate nothing except a dangerous indifference to those victims.Sanders appeared to resent just being asked about them.

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