Who is kim murphy dating

A school ski trip leads to "humiliation nation" when Bonnie manages to place Kim's parents as chaperones.

As she struggles with her parents' presence, Kim also discovers that the legendary monsters are actually the mutated experiments of a rogue geneticist named DNAmy.

On their way to a cheer competition, the Middleton Cheer squad gets stranded at an old camp with which Ron has a long, and bad history.

He faces Gill, a high-school mutant who, when human, constantly picked on Ron, but who is now determined to get his revenge on Ron for inadvertently causing his transformation.

Meanwhile, Ron joins the cheerleading squad as the mascot, much to Kim's chagrin.

Note: This episode chronologically comes before the second episode of the season, detailing how Ron joined the cheer squad as the Middleton Mad Dog.

As Ron's career kicks off and he becomes assistant manager, the evil Dr.Kim and Ron get tickets to the big match between wrestlers Pain King and Steel Toe.Ron, unable to get Kim excited about the event, fears that a new friend has come between them. Drakken from using stolen Japanese game technology to build a giant robot.Fighting the bad guys, however, is nothing compared to asking her crush, Josh Mankey (Breckin Meyer), out to an upcoming school dance.

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