Who is john ramsey dating

And behavioural experts – who earlier suggested Burke could have killed his sister in a pique or rage after she nicked some of his midnight snack – said he had mental issues around the time.

Furthermore, a never-before-heard phone conversation was described in which Jon Benet’s family are claimed to have said “What have you done? Burke launched a lawsuit against the expert in response.

He said: “In my mind she's still my 6-year-old little girl, that's how I remember her.” John, who also lost his oldest daughter in a car accident four years before Jon Benet died, has re-married following the death of Patsy to cancer.

Despite the multiple tragedies in his life, the dedicated family man remains upbeat.

Leave that last day that she lived a joyous day of celebration. And why would he include “the world” in his statement.

Murdered beauty queen Jon Benét Ramsey's heartbroken father, John, has reportedly given investigators the go-ahead to exhume his beloved daughter's body as an elite new cold case unit has been created to solve the 21-year-old crime using modern CSI technologies, reports.

Gary Oliva, 54, is currently serving a 10-year sentence for child abuse images and has been a longtime suspect in the murder.Jon Benet was murdered at her home in Boulder, Colorado, as her parents and brother slept in their rooms.Her body was found covered by a white blanket in the family’s basement hours after she had been reported missing to police on Christmas morning.Sleuths investigating the death for the TV show claimed Burke had “a history of scatological problems”.They cited the evidence of a housekeeper who said excrement the size of a grapefruit was once smeared on the young girl’s bed sheets.

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