Who is brendan fraser dating now

Career and Net Worth Brendan Fraser movies career started off with his appearance in ‘America’s Most Wanted’.

He debuted on film with ‘Encino Man’ and then in ‘School Ties’.

His ex wife claimed that he was hiding 9 million dollars from the movie he signed up for when they were about to get divorced.

Brendan said that most of his movies are not yet released and he had no other movies lined up which made him broke.

George of the Jungle and Dudley Do-right are other Brendan Fraser movies based on Jay Ward creations, that made him even more popular in the 2000’s.

After this, Brendan Fraser movies like Gods and Monsters as well as the adventure fantasy film The Mummy made him popular.

Afton was not ready to talk about her personal problems to the public.

She just wanted Brendan to pay the amount that she felt she deserved.

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His age is currently 48 years and he is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana.

He was advised not to perform stunts which decreased the prospects of making more income.

He submitted documents to the court and asked to reduce the alimony.

Afton accused her ex husband of hiding financial assets.

After being ordered to pay 300 thousand dollars in child support, Brendan wanted to find a way reduce his alimony after suffering a serious injury.

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