Violent intimidating neighbors

If something is bothering you, or you become aware that something is bothering your neighbour, take proactive steps to communicate and see if you can come to a peaceful resolution.

Your approach to communicating is of paramount importance.

Even if you’re approaching them with a grievance, framing it with a cordial disposition can dramatically change their response.

This doesn’t mean you have to be weak-willed or timid.

Be specific rather than reverting to broad generalities that might put your neighbour on the defensive.

For instance, rather than saying something like, “You’re loud all the time”, be specific about some of the times your neighbour’s noisiness has been a disruption and why. Don’t allow things to escalate by making value judgements or emotional accusations.

Problems can arise over noise, pets, boundary issues or any number of other everyday annoyances.

Mediation sessions are conducted by trained individuals who can help you reach a mutually beneficial agreement.Conversely, if you’re plagued by a noisy neighbour, take some time to consider whether your expectations are reasonable.The absolute best outcome to any neighbour dispute is if you and your neighbour can resolve the issue between yourselves.The only way this can happen is if you communicate your grievance.There is one important caveat, however: Never approach your neighbour if you fear they may become violent or aggressive, and particularly if they are drug- or alcohol-affected.

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