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While this is by no means a *complete* listing, it will serve as a handy reference when some nosey website demands a valid US city and ZIP code before they'll give you your password.Pick out your favourite state, and make yourself up a street address!^ # Assert position at the beginning of the string.

Select the name of the Place/Address/City (in Netherlands) from the suggested list.

First, you will want to compose an open-ended question. Then, on the Settings tab Entry Settings, check the "Require Response" check box, restrict the maximum and minimum number of characters to 5 and set the size of the input box (width) to about 36 pixels.

Next, click the "Advanced..." button to change the Advanced Settings.

The code will use a regular expression pattern checker (also known as Reg Ex) to determine if the answer has the appropriate number of digits.

If it doesn't, it will display an error message that says, "Please revise your five-digit Zip Code" and won't allow the respondent to submit the page until it has been corrected.

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