Validating xml java parser schema

Add the program as the first mapping step, if you want to validate inbound (relative to the Integration Server) messages.

Add it as the last mapping step, if you want to validate outbound (again, relative to the Integration Server) messages.

Failing an invalid message early helps pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and provides the developer with better debugging information.

For one, mapping programs necessarily make certain assumptions about the structure of the message being processed, meaning that these programs can fail, if the message is invalid.

DOM API builds an in-memory tree representation of the XML document.

For example, given the document described in Example 4-1, the DOM API creates the in-memory tree shown in Figure 4-2.

They do not require deployment in the Web Application Server, rather they must be packaged in ZIP or JAR archives and uploaded to the Integration Repository under Imported Archives.

Every mapping program class must implement the object.

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