Validating tickets blackberry server last contact time not updating

The directions are to "insert ticket face up (magnetic stripe down)". This will not take more than a minute even if you try to have the ticket stamped four different ways.

And of course, you should not go to the train station at the last minute.

This makes boarding quicker and easier for you and other passengers.

You can validate your TBM card using any card reader (both the yellow ones and the new white ones). It takes just a few seconds, and you’ll be travelling within the rules. Every time you validate your TBM card you’ll receive reward points that can be redeemed in the online store.

In Italy we had a problem getting the tickets stamped because half the machines were out of order.

At one time, all of the validating machines where long rectangular posts mounted on the floor with a corner slit near the top into which your ticket was placed for validation. The newer machines are smaller and often simply wall mounted. The only tickets which do not require validation are those which are non transferable nor non refundable such as PREMs or i DTGV tickets. This is to preclude its being used more than once (as is possible on TER trains) or its being used and subsequently submitted for a refund.

If you don’t have a ticket, you cannot say that ‘I am a tourist, sorry. ’ Or ‘Can you just show me how to validate my ticket?

But they do not always stand there, or not at every station.from the blue to the red, or from the yellow to the blue), you don’t need two tickets, and you can validate your ticket only once.This only applies to metro-metro rides, not to trams or buses.So, I'm reading in the Fodor's Travel Guide the following: "Before boarding, you must punch your tkt. The point of validation is to mark generic tickets (no reserved seats) that could be used on any date as used so people can't re-use them; an inspector may inspect your tickets to make sure they have a machine-printed validation time/date/station on them. This may be a small thing but I don't want to be standing in the station in front of a yellow machine cursing) while the train is pulling out. Insert the ticket one way or the other, and you will hear a click when it is one of the ORANGE machines at the entrance to the platforms, or else the ticket collector will fine you 15E." In the next paragraph it says "Don't forget to validate your ticket at the YELLOW ticket punchers, usually at the entrance to the platforms". See If that's what your tickets look like, validate them in the yellow-ish machines. Look at the ticket to see if there is a time stamp on it. If there is no stamp, or it is illegible, reverse the ticket and insert it again.

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