Validating formulas in excel 2016

Whenever the Insert Data is available in cell B2, only then you can insert values in the selected range.In this article, we saw how to make lists using the Excel Data validation.

We have validated spreadsheets that contained hundreds of formulas and custom macros, but did not require any user intervention at all because they were created, populated with data and saved entirely by external code.It is very unlikely that a manually filled spreadsheet will use over a million rows.If you want to automatically apply data validation to new rows of data, you may want to consider using an Excel Table.In this example, we will create a main drop-down list along with 2 dependent lists. Note: Here in the Item list of Sheet S1 we used the name Ice_Cream instead of Ice Cream.In sheet S1, create 3 lists of Item, Ice Cream, and Juice. The reason for using an underscore symbol is that while indicating a name in the Name Box you cannot use “-” or space in between characters.

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