Updating windows 7 32 bit to 64 bit

Some manufacturers may only offer 32-bit drivers for particularly ancient hardware devices, and you’d need a 32-bit version of Windows to run those.

Windows 7’s Control Panel doesn’t show whether your CPU is 64-bit capable, so you’ll want to perform an online search for the processor name—displayed on the System screen—to find out whether it’s a 64-bit CPU if you’re currently running 32-bit Windows.There are some valid reasons why you might want to run a 32-bit version of Windows.If you’re using a very old computer with a 32-bit processor, you don’t have a choice.However, you can always run 16-bit software in DOSBox.Some older programs may also only run on 32-bit versions of Windows if they used dangerous techniques, such as kernel patching, that have now been blocked on 64-bit versions of Windows for security reasons.

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