Updating to fedora 10

I recently posted about my installation of Fedora 10 and my thoughts about the distribution.

Recently a couple of things happened that gave me new experiences to discuss.

updating to fedora 10-83

Unfortunately Grub was never meant to be installed by humans, and it seems even the computer gets it wrong; I had to try a bunch of things to get the darned thing working and it took several tries.So, to the KDE team, I say good work on 4.2; it's about time. normal people would not be able to get this working. When developing local collections, librarians and archivists often create detailed metadata which then gets stored in collection-specific silos.Since I couldn't get the installer to work I decided to try using the package updater, yum, to do the upgrade.This failed miserably: yum complained that the new packages conflicted with the old.

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