Updating snort rules

There's also some Guardian improvement to do, but Xer Xes has already started much of that in the Addons forum (I started an English thread for his changes). I'm struggling to spend much time doing research in to Snort on IPFire, but I do want to implement pulledpork instead of the deprecated oinkmaster script.

IPFire really needs to update this, it will fix flowbits errors, amongst other things.

In case this is IPFire-specific, so that I don't break anything.

Then I'll just add a cronjob to carry out the task for me Kind regards, Med vennlig hilsen, Met vriendelijke groet, Thomas Mathiesen-- Lin Web: [email protected]: 47 21 99 67 64 (Norway)Mobile: 47 40 16 26 42 (Norway)I'm very interested in automatic rule updates too.

im trying to update the snort rules on my smoothwall router/firewall, but its not restarting snort? It bothers me that snort doesnt get updated as much as i would like it to..virus.rules.old= rules on the computer nowvirus.rules.new= latest rules from snortrules-stable from 10/08snort version on the computer is 1.8.1 build 74.in mind, they update the software with their updates.. I don't use smoothwall so I don't know if they have any funky changes.i dont start snort manually..

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