Updating registry keys sp3

"In an attempt to troubleshoot, I tried to bring up the Device Manager, and to my surprise it is now empty." Numerous other users corroborated MRFREEZE61's account on the same support thread.

MRFREEZE61 reported that he had found large numbers of corrupted entries in Windows Registry, a directory that stores settings and other critical information for Microsoft's operating system.

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"People need to exercise caution before [updating to] XP SP3," said Cole."I see no evidence that Microsoft is working on this issue, or even that they are mildly concerned about it," wrote "Sandbridge" Friday.MRFREEZE61 posted clean-up instructions for afflicted users on the Microsoft support forum, and several reported back that the work-around had done the trick. Freeze, just wanted to say that your solution saved my butt big time," said someone identified as "Rev DAGG" on Sunday. today denied that its consumer security software, including Norton Internet Security and Norton 360, is to blame for wreaking havoc on some users' PCs after they upgraded to Windows XP Service Pack 3. declined to answer questions about the problem, which has emptied Windows' Device Manager and deleted network connections, preventing some users from connecting to the Internet or to wireless networks.According to reports posted the day after Microsoft launched Windows XP SP3 on Windows Update, some users found that their network cards and previously-crafted connections had mysteriously vanished from Windows after updating to the service pack.

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