Updating insulation

The minimum for new construction (based on my zip code) is R-13 and Energy Star dictates R-20 (15 cavity 5 sheathing).

Walls in my mobile home only have R-10 All values: walls U .097 R-10.3 ceiling U .038 R-26.3 Floor U .048 R-20.8 I live in a mobile home designed for New Orleans (Katrina, FEMA trailer) yet I live in northeast Maryland (Elkton, MD).Especially when it comes to the cold, it just doesn’t matter what you do, you WILL be cold.The walls themselves, especially the closer you got to the bottom, are cold (in the winter). Whether that is from inferior insulation or air infiltration is another issue.I estimate the payback for air-sealing and upgrading attic insulation to be realized in three years.On these projects, I also chose to install a radiant-reflective membrane.

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