Updating electrical wiring cost

Inside the electrical panel door there should be a label that maps out the locations of the outlets and appliances according to the numbers on the switches.

The switches also have numbers on them that tell you how many amps the branch line can carry before the breaker switch is tripped.

These are the circuit breakers that distribute the main power line into smaller branch lines.

Some of the switches are doubled or tripled together because they power appliances that require large electricity loads, such as air conditioners and electric dryers.

In the worst case, a breaker that fails to trip may cause fire, smoke and melted wires from overheating.

Your electrical panel needs a checkup, especially if it’s more than 25 years old.

That’s because these outdated systems are a huge fire and electrocution risk. Electric to replace your fuse box with a modern electrical panel.

They have a defective design that allows power to flow even when the breakers are switched off.

Breaker switches also melt, which basically renders them useless.

We can also assess whether the wiring in the home is sufficient and up to modern electrical codes.

Chances are, it’s not – but we can help fix that too.

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