Updating drivers for windows vista

After trying to install the card on Windows 10 with many files from around the web (downloaded elsewhere), we discovered that you can export drivers for third-party devices from one copy of Windows to another -- great news seeing that we had a previous instance of Windows on another drive where the Wi-Fi card was installed and functional.

If you need to identify a specific piece of hardware or the location of a driver file, the easiest method may be from Windows' "System Information" application, which can be launched by searching Start or Run for .

Windows 10 S has been designed not to run standalone executables, like the installer below.

If you want the file saved to your desktop, still be sure to change the username from Tech Spot to your own: For drivers to be installed on Windows, they must be located in the operating system's "Driver Store" folder (C:\Windows\System32\Driver Store\File Repository), which contains all driver INFs and their associated files.

This is where we'll be retrieving the drivers from.

Running either of the Command Prompt or Power Shell operations below will extract all of the drivers in System32\Driver Store from your active Windows installation and save them to a new folder (we manually created a folder in our desktop called " You may also be able to have Windows Device Manager automatically search for a driver in the exported folder by right-clicking the device, going to "Update driver" and following the prompts for "Manually install a driver" until you can browse to your drivers.

This didn't work for our Wi-Fi adapter, but the previous method did (manually installing directly from the INF file).

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