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Speaking about his self-destruction for the first time, Tom said: “Basically my life changed. “It’s not a decision they have taken lightly but their feelings have changed and they know there is huge demand from fans.

Sometimes life throws s**t at you and I didn’t deal with it very well. Meanwhile, at the bash in LA’s Galen Center, fellow girl band FIFTH HARMONY were doing their best to avoid bumping into ex-member CAMILA CABELLO.

Early in Kasabian’s career, Meighan earned a reputation for media provocation, especially concerning other musicians.

He became well known for his insults, such as calling Julian Casablancas "a posh fucking skier", Pete Doherty "a fucking tramp", and Justin Timberlake "a midget with whiskers".

You block it out by just carrying on.” But in the past year things finally got the better of Tom. He explained: “It was at the peak of my musical life. They had a night off from supporting ARIANA GRANDE on tour to attend the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards – and won the Favourite Global Music Star prize.

It means the star can be trundled to a hiding spot under the stage without crowds spotting her. ALL that shouting out to their exes is paying off for LITTLE MIX.

In 2013, Meighan began a project with rapper Wottee Watnot (Andrew Wattie) called Mic Rockers, described as "a hip hop/rock collaboration".

The Canadian singer has been living it up Down Under with blonde beauty GEORGIE JENNINGS, who he tried to impress by scaling a plinth as they posted for a picture.

Justin even bigged her up in an Instagram post to mark their blossoming friendship, where he wrote: “Don’t know why people say no new friends new friends are great”.

Regarding the reportedly depressing nature of emo music and its listeners, he has said: "Teenagers are better than that. You've been brought up well by your parents, so don't sit around in your bedroom cutting your wrists.

Grow up." and was one of a number of celebrities to criticize Simon Cowell's handling of Susan Boyle, stating "It will torture her for the rest of life.

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