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Men would know that this particular woman wants to get to know him further, and if he feels the same way, graciously accept the invitation. If we value adventure and like to share our minds and hearts in an exploratory way--and we feel the person has some merit, say yes. And sometimes as we get to know someone, friendship blossoms into love. First see how you feel when you are with this person. All of these things are more important than the initial “chemistry”—your attraction to them sexually. Asking from a genuine desire to know a person invites their vulnerability. If you know it is a yes, say something like, “I’d be happy to spend some time with you.

Remarkable couples who are true fans of each other. a non-committal “man eater.” That nickname actually cracks me up and I make fun of it at every turn. The foundation of my belief system is that you, Intrepid One, deserve YOUR man. You also deserve something bilateral with someone emotionally free and available. I believe with my entire heart, “Water seeks its own level.”) Go on dates, go to yoga, get fit, get healthy, play outside, circulate, have fun .

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Ladies, your energy and your body are If your prospect is a guy who’s never asked you (in some form or another) to be “his woman,” chances are he “ain’t it.” You see, if he doesn’t, then in reality you’re not . Men don’t typically take themselves out of circulation early, and I promise you when they really want you, they ask for you.

The biggest myth around my views about dating are about sex. Yes, wait as long as you possibly can, and then wait some more. It’s one of those things I really believe with my entire heart. and in all likelihood you are and will remain friends and “company.” (I don’t believe this is a bad thing — I just think you have to be honest with yourself and clear about what you want.) As a matter of fact, I’ve lived every side of this and watched literally 100’s of women do it. If you park yourself on the curb and “wait a guy out” for him to “pick you,” there’s a very good chance you could miss both your guy and a along the way.

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