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One guy even created a fake account to give himself one. Pop culture and entertainment still celebrate the sexy teacher. In grad school, most TAs would’ve killed for a chili pepper on their Rate My Professor page. Pop culture encourages students to sexualize their teachers. Meanwhile, actual teachers lose their jobs if they’re too hot. He implied she’d stayed up all night having sex, evidenced by her bed head. The public trusts us with guiding future generations. Honestly, we’re mostly in charge of keeping them occupied during business hours, and not fucking them up too much. These days, I don’t tell my students anything about me. Police began an investigation in October 2016 after several people came forward and reported being sexually assaulted decades ago, Halifax Regional Police said in a news release.

But I also care less about what my students think about me personally.

He said his fondness wouldn’t become a discipline issue.

Told Student Affairs that I hit on him, or encouraged him. One time, a student in my friend’s class took a direct approach. So he knocked on her door and invited her over for casual sex. Imagine finding a former student or professor on Tinder.

Politicians engage in these same criminal behaviors. When they do, they rarely feel them in their wallets. You don’t hear so much about healthy, consensual relationships forming between teachers and students. They managed to do so with a surprising absence of stigma. We would have a lot less trouble if we didn’t repress talk about sex and sexuality. Whether you see pics on Facebook or not, we’re doing it. I’m not saying let teachers do whatever they want, just stop scapegoating us for everything that’s wrong today.

One colleague narrowly escaped being fired after he invited a student to his house and tried to make out with her over cappuccinos and biscotti. A few friends of mine married former students from their undergrad seminars. Seems like anytime I write about sex, I wind up coming to the same general conclusions. When nobody’s looking, we have normal consensual sex and drink alcohol.

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