Sql queries for updating a column

Your data administrator must allow NULL values in columns for you to use them.

If NULL values aren't allowed, SQL throws you an error when you edit values to NULL.

You need a table in your statement, which must be spelled correctly.

The first table displays the data before you run the UPDATE statement, and the second table shows the data after you run the UPDATE statement: Before In the above example, the first line of code specifies the table.Just like the SELECT statement, you need to specify columns and a table, but the UPDATE statement also requires the new data you want to store.This data can be dynamic or static, but as in introduction, we'll use static strings or numbers to change data in a table.Next, the SET statement identifies the column and the new data you want to use.Just like the SELECT statement, string and date values should be encased in single quotes. If you misspell a column name, SQL throws you an error.

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