Speed dating readers

Speed dating is all about making snap decisions about people and relying on your instincts.And believe it or not, that can lead to a lot of dating success.If you try to be too general and appeal to everyone, you’ll only be boring, which is a good way to ensure you never get that “second date.” You will lose some readers this way. If you’re boring or talking about topics that don’t interest me, I’m probably not going to want that second date.

I often seek out opinions of other readers, search the NY Times Bestsellers list, or scour Good Reads to see if they can find me the perfect match. Usually the first date (or first few chapters) will tell you a lot. Little did she know, she would be captivated by the small town she landed in and her need for change would outweigh her lack of a job, friends, or money.If a post doesn’t represent your blog well, don’t publish it.Remember, just because there’s a second date doesn’t mean there will be a third.Judging people so quickly might seem harsh, but being forced to focus on what’s important to you can help you instantly identify people who really might be right for you.This certainly isn’t the dating scenario that’s best of everyone, but it has its advantages.

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