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The use of its laws can improve health, help in better organization of leisure, meeting people according to psychological compatibility, foresee relationships within family. Socionic personality type The meaning of socionic personality type, the power of knowing it and understanding the person's qualities, in understanding the reasons behind actions and forecast consequences.The new approaches to education, new ways personal development are shown. This knowledge means that we can percept any situation correctly and can choose the most optimal solutions from all the possibilities.cater to different personalities, learning styles, etc.- It could be applied to things like medicine or therapy, making sure that people match up with their dual as a psychologist or doctor.Such organization provides effective conflict-free groups. Whom to elect on the managing position The choice of a person on the managing position is a very responsible one.Socionics worns: to achieve success, the managing position should only be given to an extravert.However, applying socionics to: - schools - counseling - medicine - dating - work Would make a lot of sense in the far future, if they could make socionics into an incredibly accurate science...Socionics is neither science nor pseudoscience, because it's just making an observation then expecting the same thing to happen again.

Description and demonstration of Ukrainian mentality. Socion The scientific organization of people into certain groups which leads to social progress.

Imagine socionics really catches in the far future - and is now highly accurate.

This is what I imagine would be good applications of socionics: - It could be applied to things like education, having courses, schools, etc.

The people in socion are united in complementing groups, which have their own style of working and functioning within the society and gives valuable realization of the person's potential.

Organization The principles of socion organization of any group: from family to government.

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