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If you are not a student at the school where you are applying for a work permit, you may be required to provide a written statement from your school stating that your attendance and academics are in good standing.A: Work Permits are issued through accredited schools in Indiana.By law, the minor must appear before the issuing officer.This process cannot be completed by a parent or over the phone.The work permit must remain on file at the site where the minor is working.A: Work permits for out-of-state minors may be obtained at the accredited high school in the school district where the employer is located. State ID, birth certificate, etc.) to the issuing officer at the accredited school.The minor will also need to provide proof of age--traditionally by presenting a copy of his/her birth certificate.

This is typically done using the Termination Notice attached to the Work Permit.If you feel this rule is being applied unfairly, we would recommend speaking with the school principal or contacting the superintendent or the school board for the school district.If the high school is refusing to issue the work permit for any other reason besides academics or attendance, please contact the Bureau of Child Labor by phone at (317) 232-2655 or by e-mail at [email protected] .Please mail, fax or hand deliver the Termination Notice back to the school that issued the work permit.A: Although there is no specific law regarding how long a work permit must be kept, we recommend keeping the Work Permit on file with the minor's other employment records.

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