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Unusually for the mid 19C, the portrait is painted in oils on board. As such, it is very much a miniature portrait, in that it is presumably either copied from a full sized oil portrait of about 1843, or was the preliminary model for a large oil portrait, the whereabouts of which is unknown.The unknown artist was obviously talented and the sitter was an important man, hence it cannot be dismissed as the amateur work of a family member.

He ultimately lost his possessions in Maryland but remained wealthy due to his father's extensive holdings in Great Britain.

Calvert had owned Maryland at a time of rising discontent in the colony at his family's feudal rule and amidst growing demands by the legislative assembly for an end to his family's authoritarian rule.

Frederick, however, remained aloof from the colony and never once set foot in it in his lifetime.

The present Maryland flag is based upon the yellow and black Calvert coat of arms, quartered with the red and white of Crossland, the arms of wife of an early Calvert.

The colony was ruled through governors appointed by Calvert, such as Horatio Sharpe and Robert Eden.

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