Sex chat site dares

#18 Find your girlfriend’s nipple with your teeth / lick your girlfriend’s nipple *with her clothes on if you prefer*.#19 Slip your hand into your partner’s jeans and keep it busy for a whole minute.#4 What should your partner wear to turn you on while having sex? #8 Who’s the last person you undressed in your thoughts? / What is the weirdest sexual act you’ve indulged in or want to indulge in?#10 Have you ever flashed at someone or has someone other than your partner seen you naked?#11 Eat a melting chocolate off your girlfriend’s boobs *cleavage will do for the less horny ones*.#12 Give your man a boner without touching his member.And don’t forget to blend the truth and the dares well, so you get a good balance of sexy kiss and tell. #2 Describe the situation when both of you felt so horny that you had to get frisky in public.#3 What’s the best body part you like about your partner? #7 Describe your girlfriend’s boobs and nipples in detail.

#17 Make out with each other with the clothes on / dry hump each other.It’s racy and as long as you know just where to draw the line, it can give both of you something to talk about with each other for several lusty nights.Involve another couple in your dirty truth or dare game, and use these questions here.And when you know everything already, all the way from favorite positions to sexual secrets, how much fun can it be while hearing your partner confessing about something for the hundredth time?[Read: 10 fun sex games to play with your lover to keep the excitement alive] Dirty truth or dare for couples To enjoy a good game of truth or dare, it would be most fun to play with another couple or a group of friends that include a lot of couples.

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