Seriation dating dating for female

When remains of living beings get buried into sediments and turn to fossils, the bacteria present in the soil breakdown the proteins and fats from the bones.

Most of the nitrogen contained in these fossils gets depleted progressively.

Animals evolve rapidly, and these evolution's are reflected by the variations in their bones or teeth.

When they die, their remains get fossilized and are used by scientists to determine the era in which they lived.

When we find two fossils in the same strata of soil, we assume that both fossils were deposited during the same time period.

Relative dating is a science which deals with the comparative study of events from the past.

Archeology refers to the study of history of mankind by excavating ancient sites.

The methods used for relative dating in archeology are similar to the ones used in geology.

These hard tissues include the teeth and the bones.

This technique begins with the identification of the bones.

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