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For an excellent description of this consult The PHP Manual section on SQL Injection So, before we insert our data, lets put together a little table in the test database of mysql.

Our SQL will look like this: Why do I get Notice: Undefined index:?

That means they are within the confines of what we need. For our purposes here, we are going to use these variables to insert into a My SQL database.

For this we will need some extra check if we wish to keep our database intact.

This article is an attempt to show how input from web based forms can be dealt with safely.

The first and most fundamental rule in security is 'NEVER TRUST USER INPUT'.

If you find you have a better regex for email, send it, until then....

What about Database security With this much complete, we now have valid variables.

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Only by vigilantly adhering to this policy will your scripts and information be secure.

The form on the remote machine may not have simple checking and may submit strings of the wrong type or length to your machine.

Consider this form: With the form above, the malicious user can now submit to and have whatever values they want for the input fields. We begin to check our variables for content and length with a simple function we will call sanity Check(). $type - the type of variable, can be bool, float, numeric, string, array, or object $string - The string from the form $length - The maximum length of the string /** * This function can be used to check the sanity of variables * * @access private * * @param string $type The type of variable can be bool, float, numeric, string, array, or object * @param string $string The variable name you would like to check * @param string $length The maximum length of the variable * * return bool */ With this function we can now create some variables to use within our script.

This also helps should a malicious user try to use there own form without a variable and so it will throw an error saying Undefined Index and will give the path of the filename. If all the variable have been set, then we can begin to check the sanity of of the variables using our sanity Check() function.

The first variable we have checked is the user Name variable.

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