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The previous record for a Bollywood film in its opening period in the UK was held by Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna which also starred Shah Rukh. Hrithik tweeted: Spread humanity with a vengeance, GO WATCH MY NAME IS KHAN. Shah Rukh had the following to say (Short twitspeak lengthened for clarity): “I appeal to all to understand that mumbai is the gateway of india to the world.

The film industry is india’s cultural ambassador all around the globe.

His next movie is "Broken Horses," about two brothers, one a violinist in New York, the other a hired gun, set against the drug war on the U. This movie became controversial when right-wing Hindu political party Shiv Sena targeted Muslim star Shah Rukh Khan and tried to prevent the movie from opening. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief 6. Bollywood, long known for encouraging better relations between Hindus and Muslims, between Pakistanis and Indians did not have a ready response.

However according to UK news reports, it has already grossed more than £936,000 in the UK and .3m in the US over the four-day holiday weekend. Many feel this is because the film industry is financially dependent on Shiv Sena and similar political parties, and because of the atmosphere of fear prevalent in Bollywood.

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Abhishek has not appeared in major Hollywood movies, but both his parents are famous Bollywood actors.We do not know exactly how many people were affected, but some estimate that three million people were killed, and 200,000 women were raped.Most of the war criminals were never brought to justice as Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the country’s founding leader and father of the current prime minister Sheikh Hasina, was assassinated before he could put the alleged war criminals on trial.The story says that outside of India, the movie, made for million, has brought in about million, with a record-setting .5 million coming from the U. A little known fact that the Times talks about is that Chopra’s post-film school documentary "An Encounter with Faces," about impoverished children in India, was nominated for an Oscar in 1979.The story of "3 Idiots" is about three friends at a tough engineering college in India who deal with difficulties like academic pressures and family. Astro Boy (source: Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan made an unassuming statement that most Indians would agree with – namely that he supported the participation of Pakistani players in the Indian cricket league – Indian Premier League.

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