Ron perelman dating

Perelman argued that, as executor of Claudia's estate, he had a duty to sue, because decades ago Robert had promised the money to Claudia.

Even by modern standards of dysfunctional-family estate battles -- think of the Astor clan -- this one was a lulu. He suffers from a rare neurological disease that has paralyzed him, rendering him all but speechless.

Ten months after the wedding, Perelman finally took over the giant cosmetics concern; Robert Cohen accompanied his triumphant son-in-law to the Revlon office when the deal closed.

After the takeover, Perelman was suddenly a billionaire.

Something about the bullet-headed billionaire engenders conflict.

The list of formerly close associates and relations with whom Perelman has engaged in knockdown, drag-out legal battles includes a former chief financial officer of his company, a former vice chairman, and all four ex-wives. So when the Revlon chairman sued his ex-father-in-law Robert Cohen and his ex-brother-in-law James Cohen in 2008, hardly anyone batted an eyelash.

Ronald Perelman may not be the most disputatious tycoon on the planet, but he sure spends a lot of time in the courtroom.It was the kind of A-list event that Cohen herself might have covered in her days as one of the city's preeminent gossip columnists: The boldface names in the crowd included Donald Trump, Jon Bon Jovi, and Calvin Klein. One of her former suitors was there: former Republican senator Alfonse D'Amato, who had announced his love for her at a press conference.The first love of her life was there too: her father, Robert Cohen, sitting erect in his wheelchair.Proud as he was of Perelman, Cohen would often rib him, saying that unlike people who made their money playing games with debt, the Cohens built companies from the ground up and then ran them.Indeed, Ronald Perelman had no idea of the kind of nerve it took to make it in the newspaper distribution business.

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