Returning to dating

Write down everything that’s holding you back, like fear, rejection or insecurity. Or buy helium balloons and attach each paper to a balloon and (literally) let it go. This is an opportunity for being courageous and exploring different types of romance.

With a positive perspective and open-mindedness, you may be surprised by how much of an adventure dating can be. You have a sense of adventure and thrive in the outdoors.

While exciting, when they first begin, whirlwind romances have the ability to unravel too quickly at times.

They tend to commit you to a subconscious contract, in which you rushed through the signatures and didn't truly take the time to read the fine print.

If you can identify cohesiveness between yourself and your potential partner over a length of time that can appropriately demonstrate what life with them will look like, you will go into a relationship with a lot more insight into what is to come.

What have you done to boost your confidence in dating after divorce, loss, or a breakup?

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