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Millionaire is not the site you use if you’re strictly looking to hook-up.Sure, there are some sugar babies who are up for that on this site, but the focal point isn’t hooking up.I was unable to browse any potential matches until I had created an account, which I didn’t find to be a desirable feature.Of course, once I signed in and had a chance to start browsing my matches, I was happy with the sugar babies I was able to connect with, but being able to get a better taste of who’s using this site would have been a lot nicer, in the beginning stages.The focal point is meeting someone that you can connect with, and I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun connecting with sugar babies, as I have on Millionaire Match. These women are very much aware of what they want, and again, remember that many of them already have a lot, themselves.Make a point of connecting with women whom you find genuinely interesting.It’s been the best online dating experience I’ve had so far.

You’ll be browsing connections in minutes, and you can start connecting right away.

If they’re willing to be that easy to contact, they must be confident in the service that they offer.

This site offers a lot of great features, so successful use of MILLIONAIREMATCH.

Beautiful women of all ages and cultures are on this site, all looking to get to know wealthy men. There is a range of women on this site, in terms of physical caliber. Most of the women I had the pleasure of spending time with were in the 7 – 10 range, and the experience I had, was that they were all educated, and in many cases, a lot of these women already had money of their own in the bank, but they were looking for someone in the same income range to share the good life with.

I connected with about 80 sugar babies on this site, and of those 80 messages, I received 42 replies, had 17 dates, and closed the deal 6 times. The entire range, from 1 – 10’s can be found on MILLIONAIREMATCH. It was a nice change from a lot of the other sites I had tried using.

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