Ralph macchio and karina smirnoff dating

He also enjoyed playing tennis and softball or any such game as a cardio.Ralph also followed a balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, protein, whole grains, and fiber.Karina also starred in two Broadway shows, Burn the Floor and Forever Tango. In Season 13, she went all the way, winning the Mirrorball trophy with J. (9th)6: Mario (5th)7: Rocco Di Spirito (9th)8: Steve Wozniak (10th)9: Aaron Carter (5th)11: Mike Sorrentino (9th)12: Ralph Macchio (4th)13: J. Martinez (1st)14: Gavin De Graw (9th)All-Stars: Apolo Anton Ohno (5th)16: Jacoby Jones (3rd)17: Corbin Bleu (2nd)18: Sean Avery (11th)19: Randy Couture (11th)21: Victor Espinoza (12th)22: Doug Flutie (9th) Retrieved from At the age of nine, Karina was introduced to ballroom dancing and fell in love with it.Originally from Ukraine, Karina made her way to the US with her family at the age of twelve.He also tried to control mindless eating and eat spaced out meals.

3: Mario Lopez (2nd)4: Billy Ray Cyrus (5th)5: Floyd Mayweather, Jr.The next season she finished fifth with Billy Ray Cyrus.The two would team up again when Karina guest starred on “Hannah Montana.” Karina also teamed up with her former DWTS partner Ralph Macchio in her first leading role in a short film, Across Grace Alley.In 2008, he appeared in a Vitamin Water commercial as the spiritual advisor to NASCAR driver Carl Edwards—wearing that signature boasts a roster of celebs every year that includes "actors, singers, comedians, musicians, entrepreneurs, athletes, reality stars, journalists, internet personalities, newsmakers, and where-are-they-now personalities"—and considering Ralph Macchio's well-established place in that last category, it's no surprise that he was tapped to appear.But he was more than a novelty name for the show; Macchio trained in dance as a kid and had an early starring Broadway role in under his belt, so he knew his way around a stage.

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