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There is no agreement about the purpose of the earthwork.

There is another ancient site on the north-western edge of the town, at Torwoodlee, an Iron Age hill fort, with a later Broch known as Torwoodlee Broch built in the western quarter of the hill fort, and overlapping some of the defensive ditches of the original fort.

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It extends many miles south and its height and width varies.Robert Coltart was a weaver in the town, but also made confectionery in nearby Melrose.The song was created as an advertisement, and hence was renamed as "Sugar Candy" when played by the BBC.This is a reference to an incident in 1337 when a raiding party of English soldiers were picking wild plums close to the town and were caught by Scots who came across them by chance and slaughtered them all.On a hillside to the north of the town, Buckholm Tower is a prominent structure which dates back to 1582 and replaced an earlier tower built on the same site but destroyed around 1570.

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