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Problem 1 - Installation request for symfony/yaml (locked at v3.2.14, required as ~3.2.8) -If you delete the lock file then you could just as well do a full composer update, should result in the same.

This is really more of a drupal-composer issue than drupal core as all the problems here are due to additional dependencies (for example because of drupal/console depending on symfony/config or drupal-core-require-dev).

You can not install drupal 8.5 because it requires symfony 3.4, and you can not install symfony 3.4 because you have 3.2 since 8.4 requires this.

You see, if you run composer update with no arguments, *all* of your dependencies will be attempted to be upgraded.

Which might by pure coincidence be what you want, but for me it was not the case. So my recommendation is to not run composer update with no arguments, unless you are 100% sure you know what this does, and you know this is what you want to do.

Drupal core depends on a whole bunch of symfony dependencies but *not* symfony/config.

It's other things like behat that require symfony/config.

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