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We weren't prepared to pay the £120 for the scan privately. I've been to the doctors today & he also mentioned that I might not get a scan till I'm 20 weeks (although he did say this might be changing in the near future).I have to say I'm very disappointed as it's my first baby and would like to know sooner rather than later that everythings going ok.I might see if I can be referred to Swindon for scans, etc., but still see the Chippenham midwives and have my baby in Chippenham.Hi, I've just checked the place where I had my 3D/4D scan last time and they do 2D dating and reassurance scans too from 8 weeks.I moved to area from Warwickshire 2years ago, and was gobsmacked at the difference in antenatal & postnatal care. My choices are to pay for the private one or register with Swindon instead (who do 12 week scans as standard), which is an extra 20-30 minutes drive than if i were to go with chippenham.In Warwickshire you get booking in appt at 8-10weeks, scan at 12 weeks, appt at 14, 16 weeks & scan at 20weeks. Im just in the process of trying to find out wether id have to then go all the way to Swindon for every single appointment and antenantal class, or would these be at my local GPs or closest maternity unit.She has over 20 years of experienced and conducts all the scans herself.Victoria believes passionately in giving each and every patient the best possible standard of screening. Time to properly understand the scan findings, time to ask plenty of questions and time simply to enjoy the experience.

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Hear from our Consultant, Mr David Cox on the surgery he is performing.

It was great and reassuring to have a long time to look through everything in detail with lots of explanation.

On Wednesday 28th November, Dr Coy, Consultant in Rheumatology and Rehabilitation at New Hall Hospital, hosted an Axial Spondyloarthritis education evening for patients and relatives at Salisbury Foundation Trust.

The midwives at Chippenham are really good (apart from this one thing, which I guess isn't their fault).

I know lots of people from Calne choose to have their babies in Swindon, probably for this reason.

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