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For example, if you are averse to meat, look for high-protein foods / iron-rich foods.

Some women suffer from constipation during their pregnancy.

The ears are continuing to form while the eyes are now covered with the beginnings of what will later become eyelids.

As you are now half way through the first trimester, you may be getting used to being pregnant however there is a lot of change on the horizon.

You may find it helpful to invest in a new, and properly fitted bra.

These changes are all normal and necessary to prepare for breast-feeding.

Eating a diet that is high in fibre, and eating probiotic foods, e.g.

probiotic yogurts, can help to alleviate constipation.

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During this period (between 7 and 20 weeks) your baby’s body parts will grow rapidly and organs such as the heart and brain will develop and increase in complexity.‘Morning sickness’ usually diminishes as pregnancy progresses, although some women continue to experience it throughout pregnancy – both are completely normal. ginger biscuits, or drinking ginger tea can be beneficial in relieving nausea.Many women find it helpful to eat ginger biscuits before getting out of bed in the morning.The embryo shows flurries of rapid movements at this stage.The liver is now producing red blood cells, and will continue to do so until bone marrow is formed which then takes over the production of red blood cells.

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