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But I think episode 1 is pretty fun right now, the gameplay is more varied and it’s more than just a dating sim https:// In playing this, the intro is just waaaay too long in my opinion.The text should scroll roughly 7% faster so it will not feel as drawn out.The Lucario at the title screen has more of a look of confusion and in playing this game, I have become equally confused at what is even going on in this game at all.The music seems like it is straight out of an early 90s action film....Stage 2 - The house gets a second floor and can now sport a pokemon center computer so you can transfer pokemon as you wish. Stage 4 - There are a few extra rooms and you have a double garden.Second there is tall grass growing in your garden with a small camera that shows the outline of a random pokemon that changes every day.

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It just seems oddly inconsistent when some screens already have all of the text showing when others have the text slowly appearing. Also, I do not think Lucario is the cutest but then again; I guess everyone has a different opinion on what Pokemon they think are cute.

It has the effect of the trophy garden from D/P/PT. chance to have 2 eggs from it and lets put a nest where the egg will pop up.

Now to be able to buy the upgrades you need to do some things. Stage 4 just allows for twice the breeding ability.^ You must be obsessing over my topics a little too much to imagine seeing them that much. Really, I could've sworn you've posted this at least two seperate times before.

Like Stage one is unlocked after you save a carpenter or something from the villains. S3 is like that region's Dex filled or you beat the elite four 10 times. Like that, you have a reason to stick with one villa until later in the game.

S4 would be the other qualification you didn't do for S3. So you make all villas level 2 which costs 5000 at base. Then stage 3 is the max you can have every villa and it costs a base of 10000 Poke. Even then you still have one main villa if you get that much cash..how. By roam I mean every so often the pokemon will have like a random item in their "treasure box" but it takes several hours for it to show up.

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