Pisces man dating a scorpio woman

In the Scorpio man, the Pisces woman finds someone protective, yet also capable of encouraging her to find her own independence and strength.She in kind offers him nurturing and emotional fulfilment unlike anything he has ever known.They’re her guiding light though, just as they are to the Scorpio man – a perceptive and introspective fellow who trusts his gut above all else. Whenever he meets someone new, his first impression of them is usually their true self, no matter what else they present to him.

Pisces proves a most delightful guiding hand in this regard, and knows how to advise Scorpio on how to be without running the risk of dictating to them or controlling them.

The intuitive link between Scorpio and Pisces in love is strong, and they often communicate without saying a word.

That’s perhaps because they are both star signs of the water element.

There’s a sense of mysticism to the Pisces woman, who makes her way through life through her insight, often not explaining her actions to anyone.

She’s just as capable of rational thought too, of course – that duality in Pisces we talked about – but by and large is entirely enslaved to her feelings.

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