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Most of her fans suspect that she has undergone plastic surgery. The question is, to what extent were the plastic surgeries carried out? Park Bom indicated that Beyonce and Mariah Carey have influenced her musical style.

She is also known as a dancer and actress besides being the singer of 2NE1.

One of the sure giveaways of plastic surgery are pouty lips.

Somehow, in the last 5 years, pouty lips have become a must if you wish to look sexy on the red carpet.

For Park Bom, there are speculations about a possible chin implant.

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For Park Bom, observers feel that she have had too much lip fillers, causing her to have an artificial and unnatural look.

However, despite her success in K Pop, her plastic surgeries were not successful.

With her face looking so artificial, it speaks volumes of what she has done to her face.

However, some fans do not believe her answer because it is not possible to have such extensive surgeries to her face due to lymph node.

In South Korea, it is known as the land of plastic surgeries.

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