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This is a great one to click on the Full Screen Option and watch the people by the pool.

The best time to watch these webcams is around Halloween.

Every morning you can watch as they rake the seaweed from the beach and groom the beach before the tourist arrive.

The boats in the water just off shore add to the scene to make this one of the best.

The Beach Bar area either has lots of people (when the cruise ships are in port) or just a few (after they all leave). This is a high resolution webcam, and the still images can be expanded several times to zoom in on the scene.

Off shore during the day you can see some of the cruise ships in port, and watch them sail away in the afternoon.

While largely known as the place charter boats drop off their guests to have a few drinks on the beach, they also have a few cabins for those that wish to stay over-night. They do a very good job of keeping the webcam working and the lens clean.

If you are ever in Key West, be sure to wave at the rest of us watching on the webcam. This is an international destination with a mix of travelers from all over the world.

The webcam is located at Club Orient (note the famous yellow umbrellas), the clothing optional resort at one end of the beach.

Many of those that dress for the parties in Key West stay at this hotel.

I've seen several interesting costumes (or lack of costumes) by the pool!

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