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First, there are plenty of Christian leaders who’ve waited for marriage before they’ve had sex. Second, not all Christian women are engaging in pre-marital sex.Most, like you, are waiting for marriage; we hear from them at Boundless all the time, and they share many of your frustrations.Yea, yea, your friends are asking you how that works, exactly?

Intersex people are often assigned a sex that does not match their chromosomes, genitals, and/or other characteristics of their body, and they may have been subject to non-consensual medical treatments to "normalize" their sex, often in childhood without their knowledge or permission.And third, having sex outside of marriage is no guarantee you will “keep” a girlfriend — in fact, it often spells disaster for the relationship, given enough time.The line between psych and psycho-babble can sometimes be very thin.Your friend acknowledges that, but believes (or implies) that the point — the end goal — of the relationship is sex. Sex is part of the natural progression of the guy/girl relationship, but it is not the point.If it is made the point, it will fail over and over and over. Typically, a relationship follows the natural progression of ever-growing intimacy until it reaches the point of, not sex, but — lifelong commitment.

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