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I recently visited the town I grew up in and decided to try using Tinder there. Crazy bitch.)I don't mind single mothers as there are some real gems out there.

On one hand, I am finally into my career making six figures, nice car, own my house, funding retirement properly, paying off student loans. I have noticed a little graying and thinning of my hair but oh well. In my late thirties the "game" has changed significantly in my favor. However, the quality of prospects seems to have dried up. There are a lot of compromises to be made in order to find a suitable partner. The one This is definitely a huge factor, if you're in a small town, or even a smallish city, the dating scene past 30 as a guy can be pretty amazingly shitty.

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Not so easy to find women that are relationship material. There are plenty of reasons someone might not have been on a date in a while.Maybe they were in a long-term relationship that just ended.The answer to those conundrums will undoubtedly rest at the feet of personal choice and individual desire, but there is one thing that must be added to this conversation in order to bring about some measure of helpful insight.At some point, both men and women need to wholly evaluate our conceptualizations of success for ourselves, and then communicate that to the people we want to date.

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