Net user control not updating

If you have a financial application where it would be handy to have a custom calculator available, you can add your own code to this one and use it just like a Toolbox control in your projects.

This illustration shows that it behaves just like the Windows calculator, but it's a control in your project.

These basic steps are the same in all versions since the underlying technology is the same, but the exact procedure is a little different between VB.

Hi All, I have a user control that displays a shopping cart using a datagrid on several pages.

NET 1.1 using the Visual Studio conversion wizard) running in a form in VB.

Again, moving this control into production can be an involved process.

Although there are some extra steps, it's still often easier to program your control first as a standard Windows application than as a user control, since it's easier to debug.

Once you have your application working, you can copy the code to a user control class and build the user control as a DLL file.

I'm a member of Symphony Foundation, which is encouraging open source collaboration in the financial sector.My proplem is that on that aspx page when I add a new item to the datagrid, it is added to the database but not to the user control datagrid.It is only when refresh the page that I am able to see the new item in the datagrid. What is strange is that when I click to add a new item to the shoppingcart, I can see my public vaiable without having to refresh the page. Alexander Add a method to your usercontrol that rebinds the grid and call it from your page. Hi, I have 2 User controls on a page and want Control1 to call a method of Control2. Example: Con1 = Datalist showing products, each with a Quantity Box and a Button. Pete Web Design Nottingham, UK Well I can call Bind Preview() from m...access controls on web user control x from web user control Y I have 2 web users controls in a page and I would like to get or set the selected values of a few dropdown boxes on web user control X from web user control Y and I also would like to know how to access functions that are on a web user control X from a web user control Y, is this possible? User can access and set the values of the User Control from page through properties,using javascript and in code-behind of aspx page. This user control have several options to search and a submit button.Otherwise the controll will be cached, and not refresh. That i i have a submit funcion on almoast all the Web User controls. Con2 = Repeater showing Cart Preview (name, Price) in The details of it are shown below Using Properties If the control has two textboxes and submit button. How to access datagrid on a web form from user control I have a web page named item I want to change the datasource property of datagrid1 on the click of submit button.You can all set the controll not to cache, but I don't have time to look up how I did that. That i have the update panel, and inside that i have a regual panel in which i add the Web User Controls i need. What i would like is that i inside that update panel, can dispose the original Web user Control and then add a response Web User Control. Is there a way that i can load one web user control into antoher and then disposose the original? When I click on the button on the Data List in Con1 it adds the item into the Session based Cart. I need to call Bind Preview() in Con2 in order to update the Cart Preview... As the datagrid1 is on the item page and the submit button is on the user control, I connot access the datagrid directly.

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