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All those things are complete illusions but because growing up we are programmed by the love and experiences from our parents we walk around seeing the world from this box, and it’s not the world.

For somebody who grew up taking care of a parent, versus the parent taking care of you, you start to give yourself worth through taking care of needy people.

Both your books—certainly, it was certainly very objectifying.

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Now he has another problem later in life, which is commitment and relationships. You are a person, you’re growing and changing so a branding is almost like saying “this is who I am going to be” and defining yourself to a very narrow niche which forbids growth.

Now, he is someone who doesn’t fear commitment or intimacy as revealed in his latest book The latest installation follows Strauss from cheating, to sex addiction therapy, to polyamory, to swinging, to setting up a love commune, to hiking Macchu Picchu with a sore, overused penis, to enlightenment and—finally—to monogamy and his own wedding.

is a well-written book, and a hard one to put down.

Strauss is a master at what’s perhaps the greatest secret of writing about oneself (other than, well, being able to write): he has the confidence and bravery of holding nothing back.

Not the graphic details, not the uncomfortable feelings.

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